Four Majade films are invited to DOK Leipzig

Thursday, 18 October 2018


German Competition – World Premiere
Nominated for the ver.di-Prize for Solidarity, Humanity and Fairness

Andreas Goldstein’s essayistic documentary THE COMMUNIST will have it’s world premiere on the 30th of October at DOK Leipzig.


Late Harvest – German Premiere

AQUARELA takes audiences on a deeply cinematic journey through the transformative beauty and raw power of water. Filmed at a rare 96 frames-per-second, the film is a visceral wake-up call that humans are no match for the sheer force and capricious will of Earth’s most precious element. From the precarious frozen waters of Russia’s Lake Baikal to Miami in the throes of Hurricane Irma to Venezuela’s mighty Angels Falls, water is AQUARELA’s main character, with director Victor Kossakovsky capturing her many personalities in startling visual detail.


International Programme – German Premiere
Nominated for the Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize and the MDR Film Prize

In 1992 during the war in Croatia, the body of a young journalist dressed in the uniform of an international mercenary group is discovered. Twenty years later, his cousin and director Anja Kofmel, investigates the story of his assassination.


International Programme – German Premiere
Nominated for the Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize, the Film Prize Leipziger Ring and the Young Eyes Film Award

Karen Winter’s feature-length documentary debut embarks on a personal journey through her past to the present, searching for an answer to the question – How do violent extremists leave a past of hatred and violence behind them? Throughout this journey, Karen will face difficult truths about her own extremist past.

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