Mother’s Joy

Documentary Film / Germany / 2016 / 40′

  • Author:Chris Wright, Stefan Kolbe
  • Director:Chris Wright, Stefan Kolbe
  • DoP:Stefan Kolbe
  • Editor:Chris Wright
  • World Sales:Deckert Distribution

Sarah and Daniel are having a baby. Sarah is 19. When Sarah was 12, we made another film with her, THE HOME, about her time in a children’s home. Sarah’s mother had been dead for 11 years, and she hardly ever saw her father.
Sarah and Daniel call their baby Marie. Daniel is 25. He, too, grew up without parents.
Sarah, Daniel and Marie. Two orphans have a child of their own. A short film about the possibility of inventing love.
After finishing MOTHER’S JOY we visit Sarah and Daniel again. Both like the film except for the title. They would have called it PARENTS’ JOY. Marie tries to smile and Sarah is pregnant again.

For further information please go to: ++Mother’sJoy++ Filmproduktion for ZDF/3sat.