Documentary / Germany – Austria / 100′

HEIMAT IST EIN RAUM AUS ZEIT follows the biographical traces of a tattered family throughout the 20th century. People who once happened to find each other, then lost each other. Their remaining children, grandchildren now disappear. It’s about speaking and silence. Fathers, sons, brothers, mothers. Hurt and joy. Told against the background of current events at central hubs of three cities: Vienna, Dresden and Berlin. And in changing landscapes, which carry different, ever-growing periods in itself. A collage of pictures, sounds, letters, documents, noises, voices, fragments.

HEIMAT IST EIN RAUM AUS ZEIT is a reflection on time and man in sounds, images and language.

The materials of HEIMAT IST EIN RAUM AUS ZEIT are the remains of my family, leftovers. Those of whom I know, whose circumstances I have experienced or those who I learned of otherwise. Remains that reflect history, history that is mine too. (Thomas Heise)

A documentary of Thomas Heise. In co-production with Navigator Film (AT). Supported by BKM, Mitteldeutscher Medienförderung, BKA, FISA, Österreichischer Zukunftsfonds and the city Vienna. In association with ZDF/3Sat.