Sugartown: the Bridegrooms

Documentary / Germany – Greece / 2006 / 52’ & 82’

  • Author:Kimon Tsakiris
  • Director:Kimon Tsakiris
  • DOP:Argyris Tsepelikas
  • Editor:Tatiana Panigyri
  • World Sales:Deckert Distribution
  • Festivals:Thessaloniki IDF 2006 (Big Audience Award), Thessaloniki IFF (State Cinema Documentary Award), IDFA 2006, Cracow IFF 2007, TVfest Monte-Carlo Television Festival 2008 (Silver Medal at URTI International Grand Prix for Author’s Documentaries)

A bus full of bridegrooms from Zacharo, or Sugartown, a beautiful but distant village of Western Greece, is going abroad with a special mission. The men are traveling to Russia to marry brides they have never met. The mayor of Sugartown has promised the men to find them brides. Being an ex-cop and excon, he came up with this crafty idea in order to get elected. Now, the villagers are getting impatient. They’ve made it clear to the mayor that if he doesn’t fulfil his promise, he’ll never get elected again.

In co-production with ANEMON Productions (GR), bi-optic (GR), ERT (GR) and ZDF in association with arte and YLE (FI). Supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.