MS Völkerfreundschaft

Documentary / Germany – Belgium / 2005 / 56’

  • Author:Ulrike Knorr
  • Director:Ulrike Knorr
  • DOP:Ulrike Knorr
  • Editor:Luc Plantier
  • World Sales:Deckert Distribution

The documentary film voyages along the Baltic coast to the Soviet Union on the GDR maiden cruise ship the “MS Völkerfreundschaft” (MS International Friendship). Author Ulrike Knorr confronts the promises of distant destinations and the reality of limitations within the GDR. Leagues away from the current wave of “Ostalgia”, she uses personal stories and recollections to present a different kind of case.

In co-production with Cobra Films (BE) and MDR in association with arte. Supported by CFWB (BE) and CBA (LU).