Hole in the Sky – The Scars of 9/11

Documentary / Germany / 2006 / 60’

  • Author:Katja Esson, Andrian Kreye
  • Director:Katja Esson
  • DOP:Joia Speziale, Wolfgang Lehner, Martina Radwan, Katja Esson
  • Editor:Casper Stracke, Felix Drawe
  • Festivals:World Media Festival 2006 (Gold Award)

„There‘s a hole in the sky where buildings should be…“ this is how Cheryl describes the view from her roof top in Red Hook, New York, opposite to Manhattan. Five years have passed, since New York was shocked by the attacks on World Trade Center. Taking a look on the surface, it seems like the city recovered remarkably well. Going deeper, we discover „a strain, a rivulet of suffering and pain that still runs through the city. And in terms of the markings of it in the city, it‘s very hard to see it on the surface“ as Dr. Craig Catz confirms. By following both ways, Katja Esson shows a disparate view of New York five years after 9/11.

Commissioned by WDR.