God Bless Iceland

Documentary / Germany – Sweden – Iceland / 2009 / 58’ & 70’ & 100’

  • Author:Titti Johnson, Helgi Felixson
  • Director:Helgi Felixson
  • DOP:Helgi Felixson
  • Editor:Steffi Thors, Helgi Felixson
  • World Sales:Deckert Distribution
  • Festivals:One World HRFF Prague 2010, Ferrara and Rome 2010, Docpoint IDF Helsinki 2011

The financial crisis has hit the core existence of no other country as hard as the small nation of Iceland. “God Bless Iceland” is diving into the very real and daily confrontations of the calamity, which undermined not only the economy of Iceland but the very identity of the small island nation as well.

In co-production with Felixfilm (SE), Irisfilm (IS), SVT (SE), RUV (IS) and NDR in association with arte, YLE (FI) DRTV (DK) and TV2 (NO). Supported by Nordic Film & TV Fond und Icelandic Film Centre.