Do Communists Have Better Sex?

Documentary / Germany / 2006 / 52’

  • Author:André Meier
  • Director:André Meier
  • DOP:André Böhm
  • Editor:Thomas Kleinwächter
  • World Sales:Deckert Distribution

This is about sex. About sex in Germany and the question as to who, on which side of the Iron Curtain, was better at it. 40 years of division left their mark in many places – including the beds of the German people. The starting point was the same on both sides at the end of the Second World War: Germans shared the same culture, the same lifestyle, the same morals. But four decades on, everything had changed. André Meier compares both systems based on their dealings with sex. Who, in which part of Germany, was cooler, more advanced, less inhibited and less prudish?

In co-production with MDR in association with arte, SBS (AU) and TSR (CH).