Close to Heaven

Documentary / Germany – Romania / 2010 / 92′

  • Author:Titus Faschina
  • Director:Titus Faschina
  • DOP:Bernd Fischer
  • Editor:Martin Eberle
  • Distribution:GMfilms
  • World Sales:Deckert Distribution
  • Festivals:DOK Leipzig 2010, Thessaloniki IDF 2011 (WWF Award), Trento IFF 2011 (Press Award), Open City IDF London 2011, ZagrebDox 2012, Cinequest IFF San José 2012, Sebastopol IDF 2012

Dumitru Stanciu is one of the last mountain shepherds of Europe. As his forefathers did for thousands of years, in summer as in winter he and his herd of sheep roam the far reaches of the Transylvanian Carpathian Mountains, close to the edge of heaven. He lives amidst the myths of his mountains, between bears and wolves, in the sun, wind, snow and ice – and in constant concern for his animals… Soon, when he hangs his sheepskin coat on the wall for the last time, an irretrievable piece of Old Europe shall die. Or will his son Radu take over the herd?

In co-production with Europolis Film (RO) and MDR in association with arte and SRTV. Supported by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Eurimages, DFFF and CTC.