Documentary Films

  • Estonia Mon Amour

    Years ago, Klaus Tiedemann set out for the Baltic in search of his roots and [...]

  • Exit

    What makes a person join an extremist movement – and what exactly makes a person [...]

  • Gagarin’s Pioneers

    Anti-Semitism at the hands of the Soviet Union state made many families in the [...]

  • Georg

    „Georg“ is the second part in a series of autobiographical films by Caterina Klusemann which [...]

  • Harbours – Gateways to the World

    A documentary series about escape and wanderlust, high-tech and homesickness, shore-leave and boredom. The series [...]

  • Kitchen Spells Home

    Particularly for those away from home, familiar food and the process of preparing it are a source of continued identity, an umbilical cord [...]