Documentary Films

  • Aquarela

    AQUARELA takes audiences on a deeply cinematic journey through the transformative beauty and raw [...]

  • The Disciple

    Seeing God is not proof, says Kevin, aged 13. No, feeling is [...]

  • God Bless Iceland

    The financial crisis has hit the core existence of no other country as hard as [...]

  • Bad Weather

    BAD WEATHER tells the story of Banishanta Island. It is made up of [...]

  • Bakhmaro

    A journey into a lively but rotting building – a microcosm intruded by the constant [...]

  • Bury my heart in Dresden

    A Catholic cemetery in Dresden. A grey and weathered gravestone protrudes [...]

  • Bravehearts

    Sana, Henrik, Haakon and Johanne are members of various political youth parties. They are in [...]

  • Broadway. Black Sea

    A documentary by Vitalij Manskij about the summertime “Broadway” on the shores of [...]

  • Chris the Swiss

    Croatia, January 1992. In the midst of the Yugoslav Wars, Chris, a young [...]