Documentary Films

  • Ehre (Honour)

    Muhamad, a 16-year-old German-Palestinian, Christian, a 15-year-old German and Kevin, a 17-year-old German-Ganaian are taking [...]

  • Close to Heaven

    Dumitru Stanciu is one of the last mountain shepherds of Europe. As [...]

  • The Disciple

    Seeing God is not proof, says Kevin, aged 13. No, feeling is [...]

  • Rabbit á la Berlin

    The untold story about wild rabbits which lived between the Berlin Walls. For 28 years [...]

  • God Bless Iceland

    The financial crisis has hit the core existence of no other country as hard as [...]

  • Material

    It starts with the laughter of children. Images from the late 80ies in the GDR [...]

  • Love in India

    India is the birthplace of love. There‘s nowhere else in the world where [...]

  • Sergej in the Urn

    Charismatic, erratic, egocentric, almost forgotten… Sergej Tschachotin was a scientist of international [...]

  • Red Oil

    RED OIL takes you inside the world‘s weirdest oil company. Venezuela is famous for three [...]