Documentary Films

  • Material

    It starts with the laughter of children. Images from the late 80ies in the GDR [...]

  • Love in India

    India is the birthplace of love. There‘s nowhere else in the world where [...]

  • Sergej in the Urn

    Charismatic, erratic, egocentric, almost forgotten… Sergej Tschachotin was a scientist of international [...]

  • Red Oil

    RED OIL takes you inside the world‘s weirdest oil company. Venezuela is famous for three [...]

  • Revue

    Our party guides us along the right path towards communism… Accompanied by the sound of [...]

  • Robinsons of Mantsinsaari

    „The Robinsons of Mantsinsaari“ tells the story of two elderly men who [...]

  • Staub (Dust)

    Dust. It is everywhere and ever present. A conglomeration of the finest particles set in [...]

  • Children. As Time Flies.

    What became of bus driver Jeanette’s dream? How are her children [...]

  • Das Block

    Gräfenhainichen, a little town in the East German state of Saxony-Anhalt. A piece of [...]