The Last Hunters

Documentary / Germany – Spain / 2012 / 5 x 43’, 5 x 52’

  • Author:Iris Pakulla, Kira Jäästeläinen
  • Director:José Manuel Novoa, Gerardo Olivares, Kira Jäästeläinen, Juan Ramón Ibáñez, Manuel Morales
  • DOP:Timo Peltonen, Luís María Casayas, Alberto Moro, Nacho Caro, Borja Pozueco, Juliio Recio, Mario Alonso
  • Editor:Christian R. Timmann
  • World Sales:Artico Distribution

The series is composed by five documentary films created around the idea of the last hunters and the last communities that struggle to survive in the edge of globalization. An anthropological and magical approach to the relationship between humankind and nature, where the hunt takes an important and significant position.

part 1: The last hunters in Mongolia
part 2: The last hunters in Cameroon
part 3: The last hunters in Ecuador
part 4: The last hunters in Siberia
part 5: The last hunters in Namibia

In co-production with Explora Films (ES) and MDR in association with arte.