Documentary / Germany – USA / 2011 / 45′, 75’

  • Author:Katja Esson
  • Director:Katja Esson
  • DOP:Martina Radwan, Katja Esson
  • Editor:Anke Wiesenthal
  • World Sales:Deckert Distribution
  • Festivals:Brooklyn FF 2011, Hot Springs IDF 2011, American Indian FF San Francisco 2011, Salem FF 2012, One World HRFF Prague 2012

For more than 120 years, six generations of Mohawk Indian ironworkers have raised New York City’s skyline, built the highways over the boroughs and crossed the rivers by weaving carpets of steel. They are called ‘sky walkers’ because they walk fearlessly atop steel beams just a foot wide, high above the city streets.
Who are these Mohawk skywalkers really? What is their secret for overcoming fear? And what is their life really like, when every Friday at quitting time, they jump into their cars and make the eight-hour drive back north to their families on the reservation?
SKADANCER is a feature-length documentary that takes a provocative look at Indian life in the 21st Century: from the breath-taking steel structures of New York City to the pristine beauty of the nature on the reservation, working its way deep into the fabric of America. With humor and sensitivity the film will shatter the clichéd image of the oppressed and victimized Indian too often portrayed in the media.

In co-production with Penelope Pictures (USA) and WDR in association with arte.