Adam and Evelyn

Feature Film / Germany / 2018 / 90′

The film is based on the novel ‘Adam und Evelyn’ by Ingo Schulze.

  • Author:Andreas Goldstein & Jakobine Motz
  • Director:Andreas Goldstein
  • DoP:Jakobine Motz
  • Editor:Jakobine Motz
  • Festival:33. Venice International Film Critics Week
  • World Sales:Pluto Film
  • GER Release:Neue Visionen

‘Adam and Evelyn’ tells the story of a couple, from the summer to the winter of 1989. It begins in the provinces of East Germany. When Evelyn catches Adam cheating on her, she leaves for Hungary on holiday. Adam travels after her. When Hungary opens its border to Austria, Evelyn wants to cross. And so Adam ends up in the West, without ever wanting to leave.

The film is based on the novel by Ingo Schulze ‘Adam und Evelyn’ which was translated into more than 10 languages.

A feature film by Andreas Goldstein & Jakobine Motz. In co-production with cine plus. Supported by Mitteldeutscher Medienförderung, BKM, DFFF and Creative Europe – MEDIA. In association with 3SAT.